Swimming Pool Decks

Pool decks are a great way to create additional space to the pool area. The deck can add a relaxing place for lounge chairs, create a safe accessible area to all sides of the pool, and offer a seamless connection to the entrance of the home.

Using height and level changes in the deck creates other areas, this adds more interest, is visually attractive and gives the ability to create different zones for lounging and entertaining.

The addition of a pool house in similar materials will create a lovely shady area and BBQ zone.

DeKing Decks can help you create the perfect custom made deck for your new pool, or the deck can be built while the pool is being constructed, or overhaul and revamp your existing pool area with a new deck.

We can also complete the pool deck with ranges of fencing materials that meet all certification regulations.

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Swimming Pool Decks

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What will you use your pool deck for?

What will you use your pool deck for?

Pool decks are most commonly used for sunbathing or outdoor entertaining with family and friends. Let's face it, who doesn't love soaking up the beautiful Queensland rays and enjoying quality time with the people you love, a beer or wine and a good BBQ. But pool decks can be used for so many other purposes as well.

It might be your quiet escape where you can read your favourite book while listening to the lapping water and the song birds.

It could be your gardening oasis, with beautiful flowers alongside the deck with lovely fragrances all year round, attracting the native birds and butterflies to your pool area.

The pool deck might be your creative zone in the home, for writing that next book, painting your next masterpiece or crafting to your hearts content.

Whatever you use your pool deck for, Deking Decks can build you a magnificent pool deck to suit your needs which is not only strong and safe but will last for years to come. Check out our 25 year warranty

Pool Decking for inground concrete pools.

Pool Decking for inground concrete pools.

Timber Pool Decking looks great and will last a life time when properly designed and built to exacting standards. Special considerations need to be addressed at the design stage to ensure a quality finish is achieved for now and into the future.

The frame of the deck has to be made of treated pine with a minimum H3 treatment, a steel frame will not last around a pool with the salt or chlorine corroding the metals within 5 or so years, no where near close to Deking’s 25 year warranty.

Stainless steel fasteners must be used within the splash zone of the pool for the above mentioned reason, this includes the decking screws.

 Can I build a deck around an above ground pool?

Can I build a deck around an above ground pool?

Yes, you can build a deck around an above ground pool. Pool decking provides a great place to play for your family, friends and guests. Having a deck around an above ground pool links the outside area to the pool itself, the kids can run and dive, or bomb dive siblings ... things that are not normally possible with an above ground pool. Parents can sunbathe on the decking or sit comfortably and keep watch over the kids and clearly see the entire pool, which is not always possible sitting on the outside of an above ground pool. The pool decking can be constructed to extend over the edge of the pool for a totally seamless in ground look or finish under the pool capping edge for possible future liner replacement ease.