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Patios allow you to enjoy outdoor activities while being sheltered from the harsh sun and Brisbane's storms. Yoga, table tennis, pool table, treadmill training, watching the footy, or bird-watching are all great activities that you can do from a patio. Along with entertaining your family and friends.

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Brisbane Patio Builders & Patio Roofing Specialists.

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Insulated roofing

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Price guide

Size: 6 metres by 4 metres
Materials: Flyover Insulated Patio roof
Min: $6600.00
Max: $7800.00

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What will you do under your Patio Roof?

What will you do under your Patio Roof?

Your patio roof may be a quiet place to relax with a good book, or a boisterous night with your mates with the footy on the big screen.

It could be that you just need some extra space for the growing family or a weather proof spot for the ping pong table.

Patio roofs are a very cost effective way to extend your homes living area without the huge cost of a full renovation. The Deking team are all qualified tradespeople who will bring your ideas to life.

Flyover or Raised Patio Roof

Flyover or Raised Patio Roof

The flyover or raised patio roof is by far the most popular patio roof being built today. With the advantage of the extra ceiling height which matches the height inside your home along with the added benefit of cross ventilation and a reduction in heat transfer to the space below.

There are 2 methods of creating the lift above the house roof, with both systems fully engineered to meet Australian standards and cyclonic conditions.

  1. Extenda brackets or SHS posts. These protrude through the roof surface and are attached to the house framework. Rubber dektite flashings are then installed for a 100% water seal
  2. Fascia riser bracket. This method does not penetrate the roof surface but is instead fixed to the side of the house roof rafter and protrudes through the fascia, just under the gutter.
Replacing old Patios

Replacing old Patios

Timber patios are a way of life in Queensland. You may remember the famous GANGgajang song, "Sounds Of Then", that captured the essence of life on a patio so perfectly. As the song goes, ‘Out on the patio we sit / and the humidity we breathe / we’d watch the lightning crack over canefields / laugh and think, this is Australia’. It’s practically in our blood—no wonder we love patios so much!

Timber patios provide much more than just a great view. They’re also the perfect way to extend your living area, create that outdoor entertainment space you’ve always wanted, or compliment a pool. So if you’re looking for a timber patio to refresh, revive, and revolutionise your current living space, get in touch with us at DeKing. We can design and build the perfect patio for you!

Insulated Roofing

Insulated Roofing

Insulated roofing offers a clean and simple alternative to conventional building methods with many advantages including:

  • Pre painted with a choice of colours
  • Insulated core to stop reflective heat and dampen noise from rain.
  • Ceiling like underside
  • Ability to add lighting and fans

The insulated roofing sheets come in 2 roofing profiles: Classic (Trim deck) and Corrugated with a range of colours to choose from to match your home. 3 thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm allow for spans from 5100mm to 7200mm without the need for additional beams. The ceiling is available with a smooth white finish to best match the ceiling inside your home.

Winter Special

Winter Special

Free Patio Roof Ceiling Lights. Minimum Roof size 25m2.