The Australian "Give it a go" attitude

Welcome to the DeKing Decks DIY shop. Here you can purchase one of our do it yourself (DIY) Kitset decking kits. At present we have 2 DIY kits to choose from: the ‘DIY Deck’ or ‘Deck In A Day’. Click on one of the decking kits listed below to get more detailed information in the ‘Product Description’ section about the size of each deck and what come as part of the kit.

Make sure you choose the right deck kit for your needs and that you have all the necessary tools and skills to be able to put the deck together properly. The DIY Deck is for a larger area (at 5m x 4m) and the Deck In A Day is for a smaller area (3m x 1.5m).

Of course, if you need a bigger or more complex deck built, contact us—we’re the experts in building timber decks and can custom design a deck to perfectly suit your needs. If you have any questions about our products or services, please call us on 1800 335 464.

The Australian "Give it a go" attitude

5m x 4m DIY Deck

Deck in a Day

Price Guide

Size: 5m x 4m
Materials: Treated Pine Frame. Hardwood decking
Min: $3200.00
Max: $3800.00

Kitset Patio for the DIY

Kitset Patio for the DIY

If you have the know how and some basic tools you will be able to install your own patio roof.

Just send us your measurements and requirements, we will send you back an engineered drawing with a price and you are good to go