House Extensions & Additions

As our name suggests DeKing Decks are well known for constructing beautiful decks. What you may not know, we are also experts in home extensions and room additions.

With growing families and extended families, increasing the size of your home or the addition of rooms is quite often a better alternative than selling your home and purchasing a larger home somewhere else. You already know and love the neighbourhood, the kids are all in schools and may have to change if you move elsewhere, and this isn't just a house it's your home. So if you can make it bigger to accommodate your needs, why wouldn't you?

House Extensions & Additions

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The team of professionals at DeKing Decks can add most room types or extend existing rooms, with the exception of kitchens and bathrooms. Common room additions or extensions are: bedrooms, family or living rooms, theatre or media rooms, home offices and dining rooms. We can also create the perfect escape room by adding a man-cave/she-shed, crafting room, music room or studio office in your yard!

DeKing's team are experienced and fully qualified builders. We prefer to focus on smaller jobs and customised work, rather than large extensions and new home builds. There are not that many builders specialise in this niche market. If you are thinking of adding another room to your home or extending the living space get in contact with us, we would love to help you make those dreams a reality.

Extensions to the back of the home

The majority of houses lean to adding rooms and extending to the rear of the house. This is usually the most economical and easiest way to proceed, as there is more space at the back to utilise. If there is room to extend or add to the side or front of the home we can certainly assist.

Several factors can affect the price and complexity of the build. The current home layout, the number, type and size of additional rooms, materials to be used, and structural changes required to the existing build to allow for the extension or additional rooms to be constructed.

If you are considering a home extension or the addition of one or more rooms to your house we would love to assist you and talk about your plans and ideas. Contact us by phone 1800 335 464 or complete an online enquiry form. DeKing Decks service greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Lockyer Valley areas and we would be thrilled to get your dream home extensions and room additions underway.

Room Additions and Extensions

Outgrowing the family home is a common occurrence. The common way to deal with this is sell your home and buy a bigger home elsewhere. But if you have room to expand, adding additional rooms and extending the current space could be the prefect solution, without the hassle of selling and moving.

Additional bedrooms are often required for numerous reasons:

  • as the kids grow up, toddlers sharing a room works but teenagers sharing a room not so much!
  • a pregnancy (planned or not) will mean the addition of another room for the babies when they arrive.
  • it is becoming more common these days to have aging parent/s come and live at home rather than go into a nursing home as they get older.

Extra Living Areas

Adding another living area is also on trend:

  • a parents retreat
  • a play area for the kids or
  • a teenage retreat.
  • grandparents living area
  • a formal theatre or media room
  • a formal dining area as well as a casual area

Extensions and alterations are also very common:

  • increase the size of the current lounge room
  • remove a wall to make three small bedrooms into two large bedrooms
  • change the layout of the home to make it flow better and add more space

The team of professionals at DeKing are the ideal match to take on your house extensions and/or room additions. As we are also deck experts you may want to create some additional outdoor room with the addition of a deck for outdoor entertaining as well. We are blessed with the perfect Queensland climate to enjoy indoor/outdoor living all year.

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