About the project

Insulated Patios are now the most popular choice for Australian families looking to increase their outdoor living space.

Decking Decks and Patios supply and install insulated patios all across Brisbane, the lower Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Why Insulation?

Insulated patios provide protection from heat transference especially in areas which are not always naturally ventilated. It provides a clean flat ceiling which is easy to maintain with options for lights and fans to be included.

Other Materials

Material features such as Hardwood timber posts or beams can be incorporated to provide a natural high quality aesthetic to your outdoor space. Blinds and privacy screens are also often considered for comfort and privacy reasons.

Decking Deck and Patios can meet with you and discuss how to provide an additional outdoor space which connects to and compliments your existing home.

Whether it’s a new or existing home, Deking Decks and Patios can provide a free consultation on your dream outdoor space. For indications of price, please use our free online calculator or give us a call.