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Brisbane home office conversions and outdoor studios

Working from home has certainly increased dramatically since Covid-19 entered the picture back in 2020, and it is likely to continue as a work option for years to come.

DeKing Decks can help create the perfect work space for you and your family at home.

There are many options available depending whether you need a small space or a larger dedicated area for your needs. If you need a bit more space than a desk and computer set up in the corner of the lounge room or bedroom then you may consider the following options to create the perfect at home work space.

Garage Conversions

If you have a garage at home, a garage cnversion may be the simplest and most economic way to create a new workspace at home. If this workspace is likely to be a long term arrangement, then you may consider building a carport for your vehicles while your office or studio takes over the existing garage space.

The following examples all maintain a roller door of the garage conversion, although it has been changed to a different style to allow in more light for the workspace. If this was to become a more permanent arrangement then you may want to look at changing the roller door to sliding doors or windows.

Most garages have a concrete floor, you may decide to lay some new flooring to make the area feel more homely and less industrial. It is amazing how much space you can reclaim for your home office or studio by using the garage of your home.




Outdoor Studio

If the work from home gig looks to be a permanent change, then you may want to invest in an outdoor studio to keep work a little bit separate from home life. Lock up the studio after work and walk a few paces home. Think how much time you will save on the work commute!

An outdoor studio is also a very popular option for a recreational space - a man cave or she sheds are becoming more popular for creative zones. These areas might be used for hobbies like word working, crafting, sewing, music, painting, gym etc.

Studio - office

Studio - Man Cave

Studio - Man Cave Music

Studio - She Shed Office

Deck Enclosure

Another possibility to create more indoor living space for a home office, is to enclose an existing patio or deck area. If you have outdoor undercover areas that are not really being used currently, then this may be a good option for you.

Note: to enclose an existing patio, porch or deck you will need to get consent from local council and meet the relevant building code requirements.


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