Patio Installation Cost: Timber Patio and Roofing

Patio Installation Cost: Timber Patio and Roofing


A brand new timber patio and patio roof can transform your house, making it feel more open, inviting, relaxing and luxurious all at the same time. A timber patio also increases your living space and provides the perfect opportunity to entertain guests, eat family dinners outside where it’s cooler, or relax in the shade with an unencumbered view.

Deck and patio builders from DeKing Decks specialise in quality timber patio and roofing solutions that are affordable.

Patio Installation Cost Factors

The cost of installing a new timber patio and/or patio roof can vary widely. As David from DeKing Decks will tell you, the price range depends on your personal preferences for what kind of patio and patio roof you’d like to install.

While your particular design may have some unique elements that affect the cost, there are a number of common factors that affect every build.

**Timber patio cost factor **

  • The size (length and width) of the proposed timber patio
  • The type of timber used
  • The shape of the patio
  • The site location and how much slope is on the block
  • Whether the patio is on ground level or the 2nd storey
  • Whether you want a handrail

Patio roof cost factors

  • The size (length and width) of the proposed patio roof
  • Whether you want an insulated or uninsulated patio roof
  • Whether you want a flyover patio roof or fascia attached patio roof

Timber Patio and Decking Calculator

To help you estimate the patio installation cost, David has developed the Decking Calculator.

Once you’ve completed the calculator’s 3 easy steps, you’ll have an estimate emailed to you in seconds. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Keep in mind, though, that the calculator can only provide you with an estimate of your costs.

Patio Roof Calculator

Installing a patio roof has its own set of cost factors, so David has also created the Patio Roof Calculator to help you estimate these expenses.

This calculator also has a simple, 3-step process and will email you an estimate on completion.

Again, the figure you receive will be an estimate. You can contact David for a fixed price quote.

Get a fixed price quote

If you’d like a fixed price quote for a timber patio and/or patio roof, contact David at Deking Decks. This quote will incorporate every cost factor, including any that are unique to your particular patio.

David loves talking to new clients and helping make their dreams a reality. Call him today on **1800 335 464 **

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Use our Decking Calculator, Patio Roofing Calculator or Deck and Patio Roofing Calculator to get a more accurate estimate.