Great Summer nights at home with some pool and deck lighting ideas

Great Summer nights at home with some pool and deck lighting ideas


The pool deck is the ideal place to relax and unwind after hard day at work, and you can monitor the kids while they play in the swimming pool. It's also an amazing entertaining area, outdoor dining area, the perfect party location and pre-meal drinks zone.

The addition of lights in the pool and the surrounding deck area not only looks stunning, but also has some other major benefits as well.

The benefits of lights around the pool area

  • People love using their pools both day and night. The addition of lighting extends the pool use to evening and night activities, not just restricted to daylight hours. With good pool lighting, you can enjoy a swim in the sunshine and then take another dip under the moonlight and starry skies.
  • Pool lighting ensures safety to all that access the the area. The lighting of the area should encompass the surrounds and pool deck. This will allow observation of swimmers into the evening and night from the comfort of the deck. Good lighting also reduces with risk of injury from tripping or stumbling on obstacles in the dark. In Australia, good pool lighting will also alert swimmers to other dangers like snakes and spiders in or around the pool area that may not be spotted in darkness.
  • Pool lighting can create atmosphere and make a stylish statement. With the use of different colours, dimmers and even flashing options you can set the ambience and mood of the pool area from a romantic moonlight swim to a rocking summer pool party with the flick of a switch.

deck lighting

pool decking lighting

pool decking lighting

Where should the lights be positioned?

  • Underwater lighting can add a lustrous glow and bring your focus directly to the mesmerising water. If you have featured tiles in the pool and want to highlight this the underwater lighting will do this. The use of different coloured filters can also change the ambience of the pool area, eg blue lighting in summer months to make the water look cool and enticing.
  • To go for a more nature-inspired, tropical oasis feel then use up-lighting in garden beds to show off the lush greenery. Lighting can also be installed into patio eaves to give a soft downlight that will highlight certain plants in your garden beds.
  • Water feature lighting can make any area look truly magical. Coloured back-lighting behind a waterfall will make the space look incredible. Lighting in subtle hues for a heated spa creates a tranquil space for relaxation.
  • The addition of low voltage deck lights in stairs and steps makes it safer to navigate in darkness but also creates a subtle glow in the darkness. Add more lights on each step for a more dramatic and brighter look. Deck lighting will help your guests navigate your deck area safely.
  • Light your decking edges to clearly show where not to walk, but this style also creates a beautiful road map highlighting the deck to its fullest.

pool deck lighting

deck lighting

deck lighting

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