Recycled and reclaimed timber

Recycled and reclaimed timber


Deforestation and climate change are some big social issues that have been at the forefront in recent decades. Due to this reclaimed and recycled timber have become a popular choice for builders, carpenters, and deck builders.

What is Recycled Timber?

Recycled timber is salvaged from an existing structure. This structure could be demolished buildings, factories, bridges, decks, jetties, barns, ships, or farms.

Warehouses. Recycled timber requires less energy for manufacture and using it aids in forest conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using recycled timber is an environmentally conscious choice. No new trees get cut down to use, you are re-using the old timber that people have discarded.

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What is Reclaimed Timber?

Reclaimed timber is similar to recycled, but the timber reclaimed does not need any manufacturing and it is used in its current form. Reclaimed timber has not been altered since its final state. Some reclaimed timber comes directly from the forest floor, other is retrieved from old structures but it is carefully deconstructed so that the timber is preserving the integrity and shape of beams and/or boards for them to be re-used in a new building project.

Reclaimed timber reduces the devastation of deforestation and keeps valuable timber from being dumped as landfill and instead repurposes it. Another advantage is lower emissions than logging, processing, and transport of new timber.

Both reclaimed and recycled timber can be listed for sale under a number of names, like antique timber, distressed timber, recovered timber or upcycled timber.

Why choose recycled or reclaimed timber for your Deck?

Apart from the environmentally sustainable benefit, there are other benefits to using recycled or reclaimed timber for a deck.

  • saving the timber from going to waste or landfill
  • sometimes it is more cost efficient than new timber
  • it offers a unique and weathered look that simply cannot be achieved using new timber.
  • it is usually more durable and stronger than new timber as the moisture content is pretty much zero.
  • older timber is less likely to split, shrink or pull apart after construction.
  • old timber is visually appealing and adds character to a new home.
  • old timber has a patina that is difficult to achieve with new timber.
  • old timber may not need treating to maintain its strength and integrity as the timber has naturally cured as part of aging.
  • many old trees are protected now and not logged, so using recycled or reclaimed timber may be the only way to obtain this old growth timber ethically.

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Questions to ask when purchasing recycled or reclaimed timber.

Have nails been removed from the timber?

Where was it sourced from?

Has the timber been graded?

How much is available to purchase and what sizes?

How has the timber been stored after it was recovered?

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DeKing Decks can answer any questions you may have about recycled and reclaimed timber.

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