Deck Fire Pit Ideas

Deck Fire Pit Ideas


What exactly is a Firepit?

A firepit is a pit that is either dug into the ground or surrounded by a structure such as masonry or steel. A firepit houses a fire for cooking, warmth, toasting marshmallows and great nights with friends and family.

Firepits and Decks - why not merge them both into one area

It makes sense, that if you have a deck (or are thinking of building one) and you also want a firepit at home to integrate both into the one area.

  • It will be easier to keep the area clean and tidy and free from leaf litter and debris
  • It will be safer having a flat level surface for walking around at night time
  • Easier and safer to extinguish the fire, as not in the garden with combustible materials around
  • Convenient access from the home to the firepit on the deck
  • Less likelihood of creepy crawlies and snakes as the deck is a clean, flat, raised area
  • The deck can be designed to accommodate seating, privacy screens and planter boxes
  • Firepits add a lovely heat source in the cooler seasons to utilise the deck all year round
  • Create ambiance - the glow of the fire pit will add visual warmth to the deck
  • It adds a great cooking area - especially toasted marshmallows with the kids
  • And probably the best reason - a fire pit encourages cuddling and snuggling

Create your amazing deck, here's some fire pit inspiration ...

This lovely deck has a screen on the road frontage to enclose the area and make it appear private and secluded. There are three large planter boxes that will add a beautiful green area to the deck when planted and also screen that side of the deck with nature. The remaining sides of the deck are framed with seating made from the same timber, and the entrance directly to the home from the deck to easy access.


A very stylish and simplistic deck, a step down from the patio to a beautiful square timber deck. This area could have some lovely outdoor furniture added or for a more relaxed feel decorate with bean bags and blankets. Being a smaller deck the firepit is on one end of the deck rather than centred in the middle.


And the final example is a sunken deck and firepit. Again this is not a huge area but it is such great use of the space available. The steps lead down into a dedicated firepit zone of the garden to keep it segmented from the kids play area. The seating is crafted with the same timber on two sides of the deck with back supports and the square firepit is centred in the remaining space at the lowest part of the sunken area. The simplistic, geometric design harmonises perfectly in this one and makes it a truly three-dimensional space.


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