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How to Build a Patio

Patio Roofing Brisbane & SE QLD

If you’re looking for a patio roof that’s purpose-built for your needs, and perfectly suited to Brisbane’s climate, contact DeKing Decks today. We’ve been installing patio roofing in Brisbane and the surrounding areas for more than 13 years.

Patio Roofing Design and Installation

We’re a trusted local business known for our excellent customer service, attention to detail, stunning finished products, and reasonable prices.

Why get patio roofing?

Adding a roof to your patio gives you a permanent all-weather outdoor area. This greatly increases your living space and the value of your home.

Installing patio roofing means you can entertain outdoors all year round without worrying about the weather—you’ll be comfortable during rain, burning sunshine, and everything in between. And if you have a pool, a patio roof gives you a great space to relax while the family plays.

Stratco Outback patio roofing

At Deking Decks we use Stratco Outback patio roofing. This world-class range offers various designs and styles that can be customised to suit your house.

Stratco patio roofing has been a Brisbane favourite for a very long time, and has now become even better with the addition of the insulted Cooldek roofing range.

For a free quote on patio roofing, visit our patio roofing calculator page.

Patio Roofing Brisbane Installation

Outback Gable patio roofing

The Gable design pictured above adds extra height and headroom to your patio area. It can blend in beautifully with your existing roof design, as if it was always there.

The addition of lights and ceiling fans brings the luxury of an indoor space, outside, creating a seamless transition from your living room to your patio.

DeKing Decks used in Stratco TV ad

Watch the video below and check out the patio we built that Stratco now uses for TV advertisements!

Insulated flyover patio roof

The popular new look in patio roofs is the insulated flyover roof. A flyover roof gives you extra headroom, a sense of open space, and the modern finish that your new home deserves.

Patio Roofing Brisbane Installation

The clean, smooth ceiling looks more like a living room roof than a patio roof, blurring the distinction between an indoor and outdoor living space.

The special channels within the insulated panels can easily hide all the electrical wiring needed to fit downlights and ceiling fans. All the accessories, including the gutter, will be made to match your home’s design to make it look like a natural extension.

Stratco insulated Cooldek panels come in 3 different thicknesses, making them suited to small areas as well as large spans. Thicknesses include:

  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm.

Roofing options also include corrugated, to match your house roof, or the classic style for a minimal pitch design.

Stratco Outback flyover

Watch the video below to see why there is more to life under a Stratco Outback flyover roof.

Patio roofing calculator

Use our patio roof calculator to get a quote on the cost of a new patio roof.

To find out the cost of a new timber patio or deck, use our decking calculator.

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