What’s the Cost of a Patio Construction?

What’s the Cost of a Patio Construction?


It’s the dream of pretty much every Queenslander: to build a patio extension on their house so they can entertain family and friends, or simply to set up a deck chair, lay back, and sip a cool drink or read a good book. As well as the practical benefits, a new deck can give you that warm holiday glow without leaving your own home.

Of course, what everyone wants to know about their dream deck is how much it will cost. Well, with experienced patio builders from DeKing Decks, the cost of a brand new, high-quality patio may surprise you. Check out our cost factors and quote calculator below—your decking dream may be closer to a reality than you think.

Patio Cost Factors

So how much does a patio cost? Well, as David from DeKing Decks explains, the cost can vary greatly depending on your personal preferences for what you’d like to build.

**The main factors that affect the cost of construction include: **

  • the size (length and width) of the proposed patio deck
  • the type of timber used
  • the shape of the patio deck
  • the site location and how much slope there is on the block
  • whether the patio deck is for ground level or 2nd storey
  • whether you want the handrail option
  • whether you want an insulated flyover patio roof

Patio Roof Options

Many Queenslanders—when adding a patio deck to their house—are also choosing to build a patio roof to shield them from the harsh summer sun. If you’d like a patio roof, we have a number of great options.

‘A standard patio roof is built with powder-coated steel posts and beams. Or, to blend with your existing house design, we can use materials such as large chunky hardwood posts or rendered columns, etc.,’ David said.

‘All these patio roof options have a weighting on the final price but can add a lot more value to your house by marrying with your existing design and creating a seamless extension,’ David said.

What's the Cost of Patio Construction in Queensland?

Use our Patio Calculator

To help narrow the potential range for the cost of your dream patio, David has created an online Decking Calculator to give you an accurate estimate in just seconds.

Visit Deking’s Patio Roofing Calculator and complete 3 simple steps to have an estimate emailed to you.

Remember that the calculator can only give you an estimate, as it doesn’t take into account all the potential variables listed above.

Get a Fixed Price Quote

If you’re happy with the estimated cost, contact David at Deking Decks to get a fixed price quote. This quote will cover all the relevant factors that determine the cost of a patio, including any that are unique to your proposal.

More Information

Want to find out more about DeKing Deck’s patios? Read our 10-Step Process to building your dream deck. And for answers to frequently asked questions, check out our interview post with David, 10 Things People Don’t Know About Building A Deck.

And of course, if you’d rather just have a chat, give David a call on **1800 335 464 **— he loves talking to new clients and helping make their patio dreams a reality.

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See our average cost to build a deck with or without a patio. Or use our Patio Roofing Calculator or Deck and Patio Roofing Calculator to get a more accurate estimate.