How to Build an Outdoor Entertaining Area in Queensland

How to Build an Outdoor Entertaining Area in Queensland


DIY outdoor entertaining area

So you’ve decided you’d like to build an outdoor entertaining area? And perhaps you’re thinking of a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach? For basic outdoor entertaining areas, DIY can be a cheap and effective way of creating a bit of extra space.

In fact, we sell two different DIY decking kits to help you build your own entertaining areas. These come in set sizes and styles and are a great low-cost solution.

But if you want something to take your entertaining area to the next level, and build a space with a sense of luxury that your family and friends will adore, let us help you build it. After all, a DIY space will only ever be as good as your DIY skills.

How To Build An Outdoor Entertaining Area In Queensland

Luxurious outdoor entertainment area

To create a relaxing and memorable outdoor entertainment area you need professional designers and builders.

At DeKing Decks, we have years of experience creating and building beautiful outdoor entertainment areas with timber products that can match and enhance the look of your home.

We can create pretty much anything your imagination can dream up. So give us a call, and think big with DeKing Decks.

How To Build An Outdoor Entertaining Area In Queensland

What kind of outdoor entertainment area would you like?

The ideal outdoor entertainment area will be different for everyone. So an important step is to decide what kind of outdoor area you would like and what kind of entertaining you’re likely to do.

If you have a pool, this tends to become the centerpiece of most outdoor entertainment areas, so you might decide you’d like some pool decking and a pool house.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a pool, your focus might be on building a deck or patio with patio roof and extending your inside entertainment area outside as far as you can.

Whatever your preference, DeKing Decks can help make this a reality.

**We can create all kinds of entertainment spaces with a range of solutions, including: **

We also have a range of eco decking options for environmentally friendly solutions that use recycled materials. With eco decking you can get the look you want for your outdoor entertaining area while helping to look after the planet.

If you’re looking to build an outdoor entertaining area in South East Queensland, see our average cost to build a deck with or without a patio. Or use our Decking Calculator, Patio Roofing Calculator or Deck and Patio Roofing Calculator to get a more accurate estimate from the experts at DeKing Decks. We can transform your home by building a range of spaces using the best quality timber products.

We’ve been building outdoor entertainment spaces in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and beyond since 2003. Whether you’re after a new deck, patio, patio roof, verandah, pergola, gazebo, or pool house, we can build you the perfect outdoor entertaining area you’ll be sure to use all-year-round.

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