Carports for an overflowing Garage

Carports for an overflowing Garage


Whether you have an over-flowing garage or have turned your garage into a home office, we can design and build a quality carport to suit your needs. We can provide design options, cost estimates as well as certifications and approvals. We are fully licensed and insured giving you peace of mind that your new carport will be of the highest quality.


Adding a Carport to your home not only protects your cars, caravans and boats from the weather, it can also increase the value and street appeal of your home.

A well designed carport can be cost efficient and complimentary addition to the façade of your home whether it be a modern sleek design or something more traditional.

There are 3 areas of consideration: Location, Design and Budget


The location of the carport is important when considering what is possible to be built as well as suitability of the area for the vehicles which are intended to be covered

What is possible. Approvals

Carports on standard house blocks will almost always require a relaxation from council due to proximity to a boundary. If the carport is closer than 1.5m to a side boundary or 6m from a front boundary, a relaxation from council will be required for certification. For carports close to a side boundary, you may also have to get an agreement from your neighbour.


Suitability of the area for your vehicle.

Vehicle Requirements.

Some vehicles have specific requirements when considering the suitability of a carport. If the access to a carport isn’t a straight 180 degrees, it may be necessary to consider the clearance to any vehicle as it is turning as well as any obstacles in the area. For vehicles other than standard passenger cars, there may be some height requirements such as 4wd’s or caravans including roof mounted accessories.


The design of the carport takes into account the “style” of build as well as the materials which are used in its construction.


Style of Build.

Ideally the carport design should complement the existing street view of the house. But complement does not always mean matching. There are 3 common roof designs for carports: Flat, Skillion and Gable.


Consideration should also be given to the engineering of the carport as to whether it needs to be attached to the existing house or is a freestanding independent structure.


Some designs lend themselves to particular materials more than others. With timber and steel being the most common choices of framework, it is often prudent to consider the suitability of selected materials in relation to visual appeal, maintenance required, warranties and cost.



The cost of a building a carport can vary depending on all the considerations we have presented above. The most important outcome is always “value for money”. Ensure that if you are going to invest in the addition of a carport structure to your home, you get the function and look you want and the best quality carport you can get for your money.

Common Budget Considerations

Flat / skillion roof structures are usually more economical than gable roof structures

Pre-engineered standard steel structures are usually more economical than custom designed timber frame structures

Single skin metal carports roofs are more economical than insulated panel carports roofs

Structures attached to a house are usually more economical than freestanding structures