Deck Treatment & Maintenance

– Deck Oil or Acrylic

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Deck Treatment & Maintenance

– Deck Oil or Acrylic

I’ve just had a brand new deck built, now what?

Wait…. 6-8 weeks of weathering is required before you can successfully apply a decking treatment, this is to allow the natural tannins to leach out of the timber so the treatment can adhere properly, if you don’t expect black spots to appear on the decking boards and more predominately at the butt joints.

What are tannins? Tannins are the natural oils in timbers and are more inherent in hardwoods. There are products on the market that speed up the weathering process such as Powerlift from the Flood Company, and also Powerwash from Intergrain.

Alternatively regular hosing off of your deck will aid the weathering process enabling you to paint your deck in your chosen finish, be it an oil or an acrylic wood treatment.

deck oil or acrylic

Alright the time has come and you are ready to treat your timber deck but what is the best treatment?

Oils or acrylic? At Deking we only recommend acrylic for a number of reasons;

1   Environmentally friendly

2   Ease of use

3   More extensive colour range

4   Quicker drying time

5   Clean up is a breeze

6   Last up to 3-5 times of a conventional oils

7   12 month guarantee

Next, you will need to prepare the decking boards with an oxalic cleaner, the Flood Company has a product called WoodPrep, Intergrains version is called Reviva. You will need to wet your wooden deck with a garden hose and apply the product as per the manufacturers instructions, wait the recommended time and rinse off with a pressure washer.

To test if this process has worked, sprinkle water on the decking timbers and if the water absorbs into the timber you are ready for the next step, if the water beeds off you will need to repeat this process.

Spa-N-Deck by The Flood Company or Ultradeck by Intergrain can now be applied as per the instructions on the tin.

Deck Maintenance

Watch this video for more information on the best times of the year to do various stages of deck maintenance

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