Small Deck Ideas for Outdoor Living

Small Deck Ideas for Outdoor Living


Small outdoor decking areas can be a challenge and over the years we have faced this challenge many times.  We share five small deck ideas to make the most of small outdoor spaces.

Visually Larger Small Deck Ideas

Perhaps the major challenge is to make the small decking area appear larger than it actually is.  This can be particularly challenging if privacy screens are needed which automatically provide a more ‘closed in’ feeling.

Small Deck Ideas for Outdoor Living

One small deck idea is to trick the eye so as to make a small outdoor decking area appear larger.  Thus for a small decking area you should choose smaller furniture.  All furniture should not be bulky items but rather light and with simple designs.

The owners of the small outdoor decking area shown in the image above have made the very best of what is indeed a very small space.  By using simple, small furniture  one does not feel enclosed within this tiny area.

Think Outside the Square

The Japanese outdoor decking area as shown in the image below is a fantastic way to make the most of a small outdoor area.  Instead of trying to do a traditional deck, the Japanese design and simplicity of the decking area make it appear larger, open and relaxing.

Small Deck Ideas for Outdoor Living

Curves and Level

Just because your small space is an unusual shape or the land is sloping, this doesn’t mean that you can't convert it into a usable, functional outdoor decking area.

Decks do not have to be square or rectangular but can be curved to ensure that all possible area is used.  Also if your small garden area is uneven, decks can be built in tiers or steps can resolve that problem for you.

small outdoor deck curved

Vertical Feature

A small horizontal space will appear larger if a vertical feature is included.  This draws the eye up and gives the illusion of a larger area.  This can easily be done by incorporating a narrow vertical plant such as a pot of bamboo.

Small Deck Ideas for Outdoor Living

Privacy Wall Feature

A small outdoor decking area that is is overlooked or has a neighbour’s home very nearby can really enclose the space and provide a claustrophobic and even prison feel.

This does not have to be the case.  One solution is to make the privacy wall feature such as has been done in the image below.

Another solution is to install outdoor shutters which will provide you with privacy but also light and an outlook.

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For more ideas

At Deking we will be able to advise you on the best use of your small garden area.  We are outdoor decking specialists and experienced in both small and large deck designs.

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