Pool Area Designs

Pool Area Designs


Your Pool Area Options

People say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, however, those of us who live in Queensland know that the true heart of the home, particularly in the warmer months, is the pool area.

Pools provide much needed relief from the sweltering Aussie heat and are beloved by children and adults alike, and, with the addition of a pool deck, deck roofing and or surrounding amenities, like a gazebo or pool house for shade, they can truly become a state of the art outdoor living area.

Pool decking brisbane gold coast

Other than looking gorgeous and increasing the value of your home, pool area decks also have many functional benefits. If you have children, you’ll know that they’re often keen to play in the pool for hours every afternoon, but as a parent, sometimes getting in the water isn’t going to help you unwind from a long day. Having a pool deck creates a dedicated area for you to relax in comfort whilst ensuring your children’s safety is still priority number one. Pool areas can also be excellent multi-purpose living areas, particularly when they include a sheltered area like a gazebo, that provide the perfect backdrop for entertaining, an afternoon BBQ, a family fun night or drinks before dinner.

A pool deck is an excellent support to your living in the home as it not only makes the area around your pool safer and more beautiful, it also keeps wet feet off of the grass, limiting the transfer of mud inside. A DeKing Deck is also a practical solution for your pool area, as we use the highest quality materials that are guaranteed to withstand the wear and tear or pool splashes and the Queensland climate, like hardwood decking boards, minimum H3 treated pine frames and stainless-steel fasteners and screws.

We have in-house design specialists who are experienced in designing different kinds of decks to suit our customers’ needs and spaces, so whether you have a small backyard pool and would like a deck around it or you want to design the ultimate outdoor entertaining area, we will have a stunning and practical pool area solution for you.

Take a look below for examples of past projects to give you some design inspiration:

Spotted gum pool deck by DeKing Decks

This idyllic pool area was transformed with a gorgeous spotted gum pool deck. Black aluminium fencing was selected to let the view of the native bush in, and continuity was ensured with the thoughtful addition of spotted gum posts and top rails. The pergola on the right is a great example of a functional and beautiful shelter, which will provide much needed shade from the harsh Queensland sun, whilst still allowing maximum airflow with a minimal roof style. To ensure an absolutely seamless finish, the pergola was also constructed with spotted gum posts to bring the timeless design together.

Multi level contemporary grey pool beck by DeKing Decks

Grey is all the rage in modern design right now, and this contemporary pool area takes full advantage of that, along with glass fencing panels, to give it a sleek look. The addition of multiple levels creates different niches, allowing for family groups to spend time in the same area seamlessly. Let the children splash in the pool and run around the lower portion of the deck, while the adults enjoy a drink on the raised section, complete with a large entertaining table and barbeque area. This beautiful, concealed finish, Trex decking product is a favourite of ours at DeKing Decks as it gives an uninterrupted, clean surface and is completely maintenance free, so is perfect for busy families. The beauty of this is that it can be installed around straight or round-edged pools, and also in-ground or above-ground pools, and it comes with a 25 year warranty!

Pool shade and entertaining by Deking Decks

Here is a prime example of the versatility of pool area design. Even small areas like this one can benefit immensely from the addition of a pool deck and shade structure. This classic design was formulated around the existing gorgeous stone pavers and took advantage of the view this high position provides. The durable, hardwood decking panels extend right to the pool edge, creating a seamless transition between the two areas. The wooden slats on the back of the pergola provide privacy without sacrificing ventilation, and the minimalist timber and wire cable fencing invites the natural scenery in. This pool area design creates the perfect place to take a break from swimming, host a pool party or relax and enjoy a meal with friends.

Upgrading your pool area with a beautiful deck, gazebo or pool house is easy with DeKing Decks’ simple six step process. If you’d like to discuss pool area designs in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba or Lockyer Valley get a quote, contact us.