Outdoor Room Ideas

Outdoor Room Ideas


What is an outdoor room?

The simple definition is a room that is outdoors. It's an indoor-outdoor living space that is taken to the next level. One part room/One part porch - a bit like a sunroom except it is open air! Confused yet? Keep reading ...

The distinction between the outdoors and indoors can be blurred. It's not always black and white. In Queensland we have a beautiful climate and tend to spend a lot of time outside. Finally our outdoor living areas are getting the attention they deserve.

To get a great result for your outdoor room you need to approach it just as you would an indoor room. Consider things like the lighting, temperature, scale, materials, coordination to other rooms and know how you want to utilise this new part of your home.

Outdoor rooms are not limited to just one type of room. You can have an outdoor room for parties and entertaining, dining, cooking, lounge, firepit, pool house, even a bedroom.

Here are some wonderful examples to get that imagination soaring ...

outdoor room by the pool

Outdoor room by the pool.

This is a great example of a pool house. A roof and enclosed on three sides to protect from most weather events. Inside there is comfortable lounge chairs, table and table lamps for evening use. A peaceful and idyllic setting to just sit back and relax, but you can also keep an eye on the kids in the pool.

outdoor lounge with fireplace

Outdoor lounge, complete with fireplace.

A beautiful example of an outdoor lounge. The L shape corner couch and matching coffee table are positioned in front of a roaring fireplace and big screen television mounted above on the only piece of wall in the outdoor room. Fresh air and sunlight abounds from two complete sides of this room. Lights and a fan are installed in the ceiling for comfort both day and night. This room will work in Summer or Winter, daytime or night. What a great use of the space, and a worthy addition to any home.

outdoor lounge and firepit

Outdoor lounge and firepit.

This outdoor lounge is completely open air, it has no roof and it enclosed on two sides with the side fence and brick wall of the home. Raised off the floor on timber decking, this is what defines the outdoor space. Furnished with a weather-proof L seater corner couch that faces a large rustic firepit. Clocks, mirrors, side tables and selected potted plants finish the decor of this room. What a wonderful outdoor space to chill on cool nights, toasting marshmallows, snuggling up with someone special and watching the flames dance in the firepit.

outdoor relaxation zone

Outdoor relaxation zone.

A multi-level deck that leads from the home to a special undercover niche. Perfect for outside movie nights. Downlights lead the way down the steps. The centre deck area boasts an L shape bench with comfortable cushions. A beautiful frangipani tree is on the upper deck in a large square planter box which is painted to match the walls. Above the niche greenery hangs down from planter boxes above. Being undercover the niche is protected from the elements so the electronics are safe from the weather. A great use of space for the courtyard between the different parts of the home.

indoor and outdoor lounge

Indoor and outdoor lounge.

This is where the indoor/outdoor lines really become blurred. With the French doors closed the lounge is an indoor room, but when the doors are open along the whole length of the room then the room transforms into an open air outdoor room. With all the luxuries of an indoor lounge, this room is appointed with television, fireplace, comfortable couches and chairs, coffee tables and rugs. Downlights and fans from the ceiling. With natural light from the many windows and doors and ventilation when they are open. The perfect room for Summer or Winter.

outdoor barbecue and dining

Outdoor BBQ and dining.

A beautiful spacious timber deck, that incorporates a BBQ area and dining area and plenty of space for the kids to play as well. Outdoor dining doesn't get any better than this.

outdoor entertainment gazebo

Outdoor entertainment.

An awesome example of a stand alone outdoor entertainment gazebo. What a great location to enjoy a meal with family and friends, host a party, or simply enjoy a wine or beer after a hard week.

outdoor pool house

Outdoor open pool house.

A beautiful raised timber pool deck, that leads to a gazebo perfect for entertaining. A great location to enjoy a meal, host a party, or simply enjoy a drink over the weekend. The roll down clear plastic awnings protect against inclement weather, so you can enjoy this area rain, hail or shine. Being perched above the pool it is also a great place to situate yourself to keep an eye on the kids playing.