Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas For Decks

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas For Decks


What is a Privacy Screen?

A privacy screen is a structure that will provide a visual barrier or screen between an outdoor area or a habitable room window on a lot and the adjoining lot. It does not have an individual opening that is over 30 millimetres wide and the total area of openings can not exceed 30% surface area of the barrier or screen. It could also be a window, entirely made from translucent glass and not able to be opened.

Privacy Screens can be installed for many reasons, but the most common reasons are:

  • give the homeowner privacy from neighbours or people on the street, or
  • to hide unsightly views from the homeowner

Some types of Outdoor Privacy Screens for Decks. Get inspired!

The lovely warmth of timber. Simple horizontal slats to give much needed privacy.


Again simple horizontal slats, this time in painted aluminium.


The traditional lattice look.


There is a huge range available now of metal privacy screens. There are some amazing design patterns available, some of them spread across multiple panels. These panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally.



The frosted glass look, gives the privacy needed without blocking out the sunlight.


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