Outdoor Living Area Designs

Outdoor Living Area Designs


Outdoor Living Area Designs

Spring is here, and as the temperatures rise, we inevitably turn our thoughts to being able to enjoy outdoor living! Here in Australia, we are blessed with heavenly weather that’s perfect for spending time in an outdoor living area, with hot, sunny days and warm, balmy evenings making the outdoors the most inviting place to be. Whether you’re looking for a brand new outdoor living area design, or are seeking to update your current space, this blog will give you ideas and inspiration for transforming your outdoor living area no matter the space or budget you’re working with.

**Decks **


Decks are a classic addition to extend the living space of any home and create a beautiful outdoor living area design. They are perfect for entertaining, providing a convenient and comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors while remaining sheltered from the elements. Whether you enjoy a casual barbeque with family or cocktails at sunset with friends, a deck will elevate your outdoor living experience.

A deck is an excellent option if you have a small property and are looking to incorporate a multifunctional living space into your home. Decks can just as easily be used as a children’s play space, dining area or entertainment venue, with a few simple adjustments. Many people opt for decks connected to their house to extend the living space, however stand alone decks are another excellent option for those looking to create a separate, more private outdoor living area.

Outdoor Living Area Designs: Deck Inspiration

water feature low-level deck by DeKing Decks

This is a great example of a low-level deck that is seamlessly integrated with the surrounding garden, and has been elevated with the addition of a beautiful water feature. Water features are frequently overlooked in outdoor living area design, however they really improve the atmosphere of a space with their visual beauty and the calming effect the sound of running water has.

high level deck with flyover roof by DeKing Decks

High level decks are a stunning addition to any home, and this deck is no exception. The stainless-steel wire balustrades are a cost-effective and unobtrusive fencing solution that very conveniently requires little to no maintenance, so it's no surprise that its popularity continues to grow. A flyover metal patio roof like this one provides maximum ventilation as the gap between it and the roof of the house allows air to flow through the area in all directions, which allows this deck to be used at all times of the day, year-round. By matching the posts to the timber used for the decking, and using the same gutter colours that already existed on the house, this deck integrates perfectly with the style of the home.

Built in bench seating by DeKing Decks

Built in bench seating is another option to maximise the functionality and minimise the maintenance of your outdoor living area design. As is pictured below, the bench seat is constructed of the same timber as the deck for a cohesive look and is dually functional as extra storage space, making it perfect for hiding away eyesores like pool toys, an esky or outdoor essentials like mosquito repellent and sunscreen. This bench seat has hidden handles for ease of lifting the lids without obstructing the seating, and is much easier to maintain then most other kinds of outdoor furniture.

**Gazebos **

Gazebos provide a quiet, secluded area to relax outside where you’ll be protected from the elements, making them perfect for year-round use. Their versatility allows them to be constructed as a real statement piece or to blend in with the existing design and features of your home and garden. Gazebos are great for avid gardeners, providing the perfect spot to grow more sensitive plants that need a little extra shelter, and are also excellent for parents of teens, giving them a space of their own to relax that feels special and grown-up but is still easily within your sights.

Outdoor Living Area Designs: Gazebo Inspiration

Aussie Gazebo by DeKing Decks

This gazebo was thoughtfully designed to match the current materials used in the construction of the house to maintain flow on the property. A back wall was installed to block the harsh afternoon sun, with the other three being left open to maximise ventilation and airflow, and invite the gorgeous natural view into the space. Down lights make this space useable even at night, which is perfect for enjoying mild Aussie summer evenings outdoors.

**Patios **

A patio is a cost-effective way to turn an outdoor area into a true living space, as they provide protection for furniture from water and dirt, and make the space more comfortable for users. Adding a roof will increase the functionality of the space again, as shelter will allow the area to be utilised in all weather conditions, making it more versatile and inviting. Patios make great outdoor entertaining areas, but also are excellent for working out, playing table tennis or pool and giving parents a space to relax while watching the kids play outside.

Outdoor Living Area Designs: Patio Inspiration

High patio roof by DeKing Decks

The height of the roof on this house gave plenty of room to attach the patio roof to the house fascia for a seamless indoor to outdoor transition and a 100% water-tight seal. The angle of the roof edge matches the patio to increase cohesion and the addition of ceiling lights and fans give this patio a classy and refined feel.

Hamptons inspired patio by DeKing Decks

This beautiful patio roof has a Hamptons inspired feel with the classic blue and white theme. To be sure the interior of the house wouldn’t be darkened by the addition of the patio roof, and to provide additional light for the patio, two lightboxes were added to allow plenty of natural light in. The combination of an insulated roof and ceiling fan makes this a versatile space able to be used in any kind of weather, giving the homeowners the maximum benefit out of their outdoor living area design and helping to turn this little corner of the garden into a slice of paradise.

If you’re keen to upgrade your outdoor living area, please contact us to discuss designs or get a quote. The experienced, professional team at DeKing Decks will help you to recreate your vision by designing and constructing a beautiful outdoor living area that fits your space, style, desires and budget.