Outdoor Deck Ideas

Outdoor Deck Ideas


Different Types of Outdoor Decks

Designing and planning the perfect outdoor deck can seem an enormous task, especially when you don't know where to begin. Here's some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing ...

1. Pool Decking

The pool deck is the area adjacent to the swimming pool. The pool deck accommodates lounge chairs, banana lounges, chairs, tables and other backyard and pool furniture. The pool deck is the feel of the swimming zone and creates the style and look of the area. It is a fantastic space to relax around the pool.


2. High Set Deck

A high set deck (also known as an elevated deck) is a raised deck (not on the ground floor of the home). It is a great outdoor entertaining option that extends the indoor space of your home. This additional space allows you to move the relaxation or entertainment outside to enjoy the scenic views and fresh air, and make the most of our beautiful Queensland climate.


3. Entryway Deck

Adding an entryway deck to your home can add street appeal and value to your home. It is a entrance passage from your front garden to your front door and adds attractiveness to the exterior of the home. The deck doesn't have to be a large space to have a big impact. Sometimes just enough room for a couple of specific plants in pots to frame the entrance and the timber deck to step up from the front yard can add huge value to your property and connects the front of the home to the home itself.


4. Verandah or Porch

A verandah is a platform that runs outside and parallel to the home with a roof on the ground floor. It quite often has a railing that wraps around the sides and front of the deck. A porch is a covered shelter that projects to the front entrance of the home and serves as an outdoor entertainment area to enjoy the fresh air and relax. Both are a wonderful addition to the home where you can sit out front and just watch the world go by. So many song lyrics encompass the feel of the front porch or verandah of a family home with wonderful memories of times gone by. Start making some of those special memories yourself.


5. Deck with Flyover Patio Roof

A flyover roof which covers your deck, is a roof that extends over your home's existing roof that will give your deck protection from the weather, extra height, better cooling and airflow, and natural light. This will make entertaining on your deck something that can be done all year round. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful climate we are blessed to have in Queensland.


6. Gazebo

A gazebo is a free-standing structure usually constructed in the back yard which provides shelter, shade, a place to relax and options to train climbing plants up the structure that will create a beautiful, natural place to escape the day to day grind. Quite often just simple furniture (chairs and/or table) will offer the perfect place to relax and unwind with nature.


7. Eco Decking

Eco decking is another alternative to timber. It looks great and is low maintenance. It will not require painting, oiling, or sealing. Eco decking is available in a wide variety of colours and is made from recycled wood and recycled plastic.


8. Under Trees

Have a beautiful tree that you really don't want to chop down, but you need a deck and some usable space in that area? Consider a decking solution under the trees. This can be on one level or multiple levels, and can be curved rather than square edges to compliment the nature that the deck is framing. Make the best possible use of that space but keep the shade and beauty of the trees as well.


9. Deck With a Screen

Sometimes you need the little bit of privacy, and a screen at the end of your deck can offer just that. There are many styles, designs and colours to choose from.


10. Entertainment

An entertainer's dream outdoor deck area. An area like this really can extend your living area from just inside to outside of the home all year round. With all the luxuries of power, lighting, fans, televisions, etc an outdoor living area like this will become the most popular entertainment area in the home. Why would you want to eat inside when you can be poolside with beautiful breezes and all the comforts needed?


11. Spectacular

Wow! What an amazing decking area. Enhancing the pool, entertaining areas, mood lighting, different levels and areas. Create your own spectacular space and make the most of your outdoor living areas.

spectacular deck

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