Outdoor BBQ Area Design Ideas

Outdoor BBQ Area Design Ideas


What is a BBQ?

The word barbecue derives from the Taino Caribbean Indian tribe. The word barbacoa means to grill on a raised wooden grate. Barbecue (BBQ) today is a little more diverse to include cooking methods that use smoke and/or fire to cook food. Traditional barbecues utilised flames and hot coals generated from burnt wood to cook on. Today's barbecues often use gas to create heat and then cooking happens on metal grills or plates. Smokers are on trend currently as they provide very succulent slow cooked meats. A smoker is an apparatus that fits to the barbecue and allows you to cook the food in a controlled and smoky environment at low temperatures over a long period of time.

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What makes an amazing outdoor BBQ area?

If you already have a deck (or you are considering building one) then you should think seriously about what you will use this outdoor area for. Living in Queensland we have the perfect weather all year round for outside entertaining. It would be a wasted deck opportunity if you did not incorporate a BBQ area into your deck plans.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning the perfect outdoor BBQ area:

  • Aspect - is the deck facing east or west? If so, there will be certain times of day where there will be a lot of sun pouring into this outdoor area. You may want to consider putting up some shade cloth or roller blinds to block out some of the sun during these times.
  • Directional wind/rain - again if the deck is situated where you may experience strong wind or directional rain, then it is worth considering adding some transparent roller screens to block out the unpleasant weather.
  • Floor - using decking timber or concrete for the floor will create a nice, flat, level surface. This makes the area safe, particularly walking around in low light conditions. Added benefit it is also easier to keep the floor clean and tidy.
  • Space - having a good distance around the BBQ will make it safer and easier to extinguish any fire should one start. Don't have flammable furniture right next to the BBQ itself.
  • Access - have convenient access to the home from the outdoor area. This makes it quick and easy to bring out the food and cooking utensils, and take in the dirty dishes when finished. Having the BBQ located on the deck is not just convenient but it will also help keep the house clean as you won't be walking debris in from the garden and grass each time.
  • No uninvited guests - having the BBQ area located close to the home will minimise creepy crawlies, spiders and snakes. It is easier to keep this area clean as it is an extension to the home, rather than a separate area somewhere in the backyard.
  • A cleverly designed deck can also incorporate seating, planter boxes and privacy screens. This all adds to the ambience of the BBQ area.
  • Furniture choice - obviously a dining setting for eating on the deck, but that can be casual or formal. If you have room then the addition of comfortable couches for after the meal creates a separate zone to socialise and relax with company.

Here's some Outdoor BBQ Area Design ideas to inspire you ...


What an amazing space. The outdoor area spans the entire length of the home, plenty of room to create different zones for cooking, eating and relaxing.


The beautiful warmth of natural timber gives this outdoor BBQ area a lovely atmosphere. Timber balustrades to overlook the estate after the meal. All mod cons with lighting and fans under the roof to make this area usable all year round.


A great example of a ground level patio and BBQ area. Separate zones are created with BBQ, dining table and chairs and corner couches with coffee table. Potted plants add that splash of colour.


This is an amazing outdoor entertaining area. Huge timber table and lazy susan complements the timber decking. Heat strips, fans and lighting on the ceiling makes this outdoor BBQ area usable all year round. The lounge area is on the other side of the undercover deck, and both areas overlook the swimming pool with clear glass fencing so as to not ruin that view.

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