Need Outdoor Kitchen Ideas?

Need Outdoor Kitchen Ideas?


Outdoor Kitchen Ideas? Outdoor Kitchens Brisbane

DeKing Decks aren’t just timber deck and patio specialists—we can also build you a stunning outdoor kitchen. Below are some outdoor kitchen ideas and inspiration.

Why build an outdoor kitchen?

Most people want to build a deck to entertain guests, get the family together over a relaxed dinner outside, or to chill out with friends over a cold beer, a nice glass of wine and some nibbles. Adding an outdoor kitchen to this space makes perfect sense. It will help you maximise the use of your deck and create a self-sufficient outdoor space.

And if you get your outdoor space just right, you may never want to leave!

What is an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is much more than just a lonely BBQ in the corner of your deck. An outdoor kitchen has the potential to be a focal point of your house, transforming your deck into a multi-purpose space that family and friends will love.

**Outdoor kitchens can include things like: **

  • Gas Cookers/BBQ
  • Bench Space (e.g. for food preparation and serving)
  • A Pantry
  • Storage Space (e.g. for utensils and gas bottles)
  • A Sink
  • A Bar Fridge
  • A Dishwasher
  • A Pizza Oven

Outdoor kitchens with DeKing Decks

We can build a stylish outdoor kitchen and deck combination for you, or build a new kitchen to suit your existing deck.

The image below shows an example of an outdoor kitchen we built for one of our customers.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas? Outdoor Kitchens Brisbane

This outdoor kitchen, built by DeKing Decks, features beautiful wood panelling for a natural look. The kitchen features plenty of pantry space (in the tall cupboard on the right), a lowered platform for a gas cooker, bench tops either side, as well as storage space underneath.

We can build your dream outdoor kitchen to your specifications, and complete all aspects of it ourselves except for plumbing and electrical needs.

Outdoor kitchen ideas and inspiration

So you’ve decided that you want to build an outdoor kitchen, but you don’t know what you want it to look like or what features to include?

There are some great outdoor kitchen ideas and inspiration available online that can help you get started (if you don’t know where to start) or narrow your focus (if you want help making decisions).

If it’s pure inspiration you’re after, check out some of the amazing possibilities for an outdoor kitchen space in the Houzz article, ‘How to Build the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen’.

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