In-ground Pool Decking Options

In-ground Pool Decking Options


At DeKing Decks, we offer a range of in-ground pool decking options to meet your needs. By choosing the right kind of pool decking, you’ll have a durable and long-lasting deck—and that means value for money.

So if you’re weighing up your options for in-ground pool decking, here are some things to think about and some ideas to inspire you.

Inground Pool Decking Options & Ideas in Australia

What factors affect your pool decking options?

There are a number of important factors that will affect your pool decking options.

**These include: **

  • The slope of the block
  • Any elevation changes
  • The amount of space available
  • The pool aspect
  • Who uses the pool (e.g. children, adults, or elderly)

If you have an unusual block of land, and your in-ground pool incorporates changes in elevation and slope, then you will need a professional deck builder to design a custom deck for you.

Get the right in-ground pool decking for you

At Deking Decks, we can design a unique pool deck specifically for you. We’ll take into account all the factors listed above, as well as your personal taste and style. In fact, many of our most beautiful jobs incorporate elevation changes to flow with the design of a specific in-ground pool.

Inground Pool Decking Options & Ideas in Australia

We can also do things like build your deck to extend over an edge of your pool to create a flowing, elegant look. Or, we can finish the decking flush with the copping edge of your pool.

Our specialist builders have years of experience designing pool decks that enhance the look and feel of in-ground pools. If you’d like to see examples of the projects we’ve worked on, head over to our gallery or contact us now to discuss your in-ground pool decking options.

Customise your in-ground pool decking

In-ground pool decking can be customised with a number of great features to match your needs and lifestyle. If you want more than just a standard deck, we’ve listed the best add-ons below to improve your decking.

Built-in seating

Built-in seating is a very practical addition to a deck design. If you don’t include a covered area as part your pool deck design, then any outdoor furniture that you place near the pool will quickly become weathered. However, built-in seating overcomes this problem by providing you with a convenient seating area. From here you can relax with a cold drink, or watch the children while they swim.

**Built-in deck lighting **

Built-in pool deck lighting creates a ‘wow factor’ for your pool area. If you don’t have lighting in your swimming pool, we highly recommend adding lighting to your deck design. Low voltage deck lights can create a wonderful atmosphere for you to enjoy your pool area in the evenings.

Find out more about our low-voltage deck lighting.

Inground Pool Decking Options & Ideas in Australia

Built-in planters

One of the best pool decking ideas is to add built-in planters to you deck. Particularly if there is no greenery currently surrounding the pool area, adding plants can make your pool and deck area so much more attractive and appealing.

The type of plants you choose will help set the tone. So, for example, you could use palms for a tropical feel, or succulents (really low maintenance) for a striking effect.

**Attractive pool railings **

Pool railings can make or break the final look of your pool decking. A superb deck design can be completely lost by using unattractive pool railings.

Popular choices for pool railings include glass balustrades with either timber or stainless steel handrails. But there are other options for attractive pool railings.

**Covered sitting area **

Adding a covered sitting area to your in-ground pool decking design will provide you with an extended living area all year round, and a great space to entertain family and friends.

Inground Pool Decking Options & Ideas in Australia

A covered sitting area will also protect everyone from the sun’s harsh UV rays, which is especially important for children. It’s also a perfect way to protect your outdoor furniture from weather damage (sun and rain), which will save you money in the long term.

And, if you’re going to invest in an outdoor entertaining area, you may also want to consider solar heating for your pool. This will allow you to use your pool and covered area for more of the year, even in colder months.

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