Deck Shade Ideas

Deck Shade Ideas


Once you have made the decision to build a deck, the next consideration should be what shade is required for the deck area. Getting this overall design right for the deck and cover can be the difference between an awesome addition to the home where you want to spend your relaxation time or an expensive, regrettable decision which leads to an area that you avoid.

Deking Decks can help you with the design process and construct a deck with cover that is totally you! Whether you are just starting out and investigating the options or you already have a definite plan in mind, we would love to work with you to create the vision you wanting.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your deck and covered area. Read through this check list and you will end up with a design that you love and it will be a great functional area to enjoy.

Deck and Cover Design Factors

When designing your deck and roof cover, be sure to consider:

  • Location - the physical location of the deck will also impact other design factors (eg backyard deck, bedroom deck, entrance deck, pool deck etc).
  • Land size and available space - you may be limited with space, where you can construct a deck on your property.
  • Aspect of the home (direction it faces) - a deck facing west will help keep the afternoon sun from the home and keep it cooler, a deck facing east will get the morning sun.
  • Deck and Cover Size - the smaller the space generally the simpler the design, larger decks you may include seating and other features.
  • Purpose/Function - the purpose of the deck also plays a bit part in the design. A pool deck may need space around the pool, an entertaining area may need a section for the BBQ and seating, there may be electrical and plumbing to plan.
  • Style and age of the home - brick or timber home, traditional or modern look.
  • Flat or sloping land - if the land is sloping, the design will need to take this into consideration.
  • Location of deck - Ideally you want to blend the deck with the natural environment and the home.

These general factors will affect the scope of your deck and cover build, but there is plenty of room to still make it unique and your own design. Deking Decks will ensure that we build a functional and beautiful deck roof that ticks all of your boxes.

Designing the perfect deck cover

The design of your deck cover should blend perfectly with your home. It should not look out of place, but rather that it was designed at the same time as your home was originally built. You will end up with a much better deck if you consider the design features of the home when you are planning your deck addition.


To ensure maximum enjoyment of your deck throughout the entire year, you will also want to position the deck cover so that it takes into consideration the natural sunlight and directional breezes. What is the main purpose of the area? What times of day or night will you be using the deck?


We find the straight line roof style works particularly well with traditional brick homes, and there is an amazing range of colours available to blend in perfectly with your home.


For timber homes, the corrugated style roof looks great and adds depth and character to the area. To add that additional touch of class the deck can be finished with matching handrails or balustrades


Functionality is also very important. You will need to ensure that there is adequate guttering to permit drainage with no leaks.


The best deck and cover is the one designed especially for you. DeKing Decks can help create your perfect deck. Contact us today for more information.

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