Deck Patio Combination Ideas

Deck Patio Combination Ideas


When a customer is looking to add a really interesting feature to their home there are a number of deck patio combination ideas that are practical, as well as interesting, options to add additional living space to the property.

Stacked or Flowing

There are two different deck patio combinations available to home owners. The first is where the deck is built over the top of the patio – this is most prevalent in homes, such as Queenslanders, where downstairs space is utilised for storage or a secondary entertainment area – and the deck is generally the primary entertaining area – leading on from the kitchen. This is a great way to utilise a smaller area of land, as multiple living areas are stacked on one another to create a high area of usable space.

Deck Patio Combination Ideas - Deking Decks Brisbane

The second deck patio combination is a split level effect, whereby the deck is connected to a house and then leads down to a patio, which generally flows into a grassed area or a garden. This option takes up considerably more area than the ‘stacked’ option, but is chosen to add a flow from within the home, out into the yard. This particular deck patio combination is also quite popular with built in swimming pools, whereby the deck overlooks the pool, and the patio combines with the deck and swimming area. The appealing feature of this configuration is the way in which the deck and patio combine with the house to connect the house to the yard.

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Deck Patio Combination Considerations

When considering different deck patio combination ideas it is important to consider the integration of the deck and patio and how the two features can be combined and built to offer the best entertainment area experience. An example of this is the roofing of the overall area. When considering a deck patio combination, one option is to cover the deck and keep the patio uncovered.

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This works especially well in the Queensland climate, where we like to enjoy the sunshine during summer, but are well aware rain can come at any time. This configuration also works well in winter, whereby entertaining can occur on the uncovered patio during the day to keep warm- or with the installation of a fire pit, entertaining can occur at night, under the stars, but with the warmth of an outdoor fire. By having a covered/uncovered combination the entertainment area allows you to optimise the weather conditions, without having to retreat indoors if the weather changes.

Reduced Yard Maintenance

Deck Patio Combination Ideas - Deking Decks Brisbane

A deck patio combination also allows for reduced yard maintenance as well. Especially in smaller homes, townhouses or split level homes a deck can be built into the house and a patio can be installed, replacing partially or fully any grass or garden. This reduces weekly garden maintenance and is especially appealing for those who are time poor or are no longer mobile enough to do their own garden maintenance. Importantly however, a selection of low maintenance pot plants can be incorporated into the patio décor to ensure the area still feels vibrant and alive.

The Deck patio combination is a great way to enhance living space- whether it be to increase the amount of living area on a smaller block of land, create a flowing effect from the indoors to a feature, such as a garden or pool or to reduce garden maintenance.

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