Deck and Patio Cover Designs

Deck and Patio Cover Designs


When considering different deck and patio cover designs there are numerous things to decide, such as size, usage requirements, functionality and materials. Getting the design right for a deck and patio cover can be the difference between a stunning addition to your home and an out-of-place novelty. In terms of functionality, it can also mean the difference between a space that you love to be in and one that you avoid.

Deking Decks can design and build a deck and patio cover that’s as unique as you are. Whether you have a clear idea of what kind what you’d like or are just investigating the possibilities, we can work with you at every step of the way.

But before you decide to build a deck or patio cover, there are a number of things to consider. We’ve outlined these in this post, as well as some ideas to make sure you end up with the best design for you.

Deck Design Factors

When designing a deck, you should consider its:

  1. Location
  2. Size
  3. Purpose
  4. Function

**Location of deck **

deck design process

The location of your deck is particularly important, as it will determine many of the other design factors. For example, a large backyard deck will have different design considerations to a small deck adjoining a bedroom, a high-set deck, a second story deck, an entranceway deck, or one for a swimming pool. It will also partially determine the size.

**Size of deck **

Decks for an entranceway, bedroom or study are going to be on the smaller end of the spectrum: approximately 2m² – 16m². This means that you’ll need to choose a relatively simple design so you don’t clutter the space. You will also want a design that is easy to maintain and fits with the current design of your home.

Front deck design

However, if you’re thinking about a deck design for a swimming pool, big backyard or entertaining area, this is likely to me more than 16m². A bigger deck means you can incorporate more features into your design, like seating. The deck can even become the centrepiece of your entire property.

Deck Designs Se QLD

**Purpose and function of deck **

The purpose and function of your proposed deck will also influence its design and overall style. An entertaining deck may need space for a BBQ as well as electrical and plumbing. A pool deck may need seating and will need to work in around your pool. While a small deck for a bedroom may simply be used to relax in the sun.

A Deck that Blends with its Environment

If you have a garden or bush backyard, it’s a good idea to blend your deck design with the architectural flow of your home and reflect the characteristics of your property. You can further enhance and integrate your deck by adding a few well-placed plants, shrubs, and flowers.

Deck and Patio Cover Designs, Brisbane, Australia - Patio Roofs

Patio Cover Design Factors

There are some common factors that affect the design of every patio cover (also known as a ‘patio roof’).

**These include the: **

  1. Size of your house
  2. Size of your block and available space
  3. Age and style of your house
  4. Direction your house faces (its aspect)
  5. Slope of your block of land
  6. Type of ground underneath your house

While these general factors will affect the scope of your patio cover design and build, there is still a lot of room to personalise it. Deking Deck will work with you to make sure we build a beautiful and functional patio roof that meets all your individual needs.

Getting your Patio Cover Design Right

Ideally, the design of your patio cover should blend with your house. If your patio looks like it has been taken from a neighbours yard and dropped unceremoniously into your backyard, it will stand out—and not in a good way. By taking into account all the design features of your house when you design your deck will lead to a better deck.

Also, to get the most out of your investment, it’s important to design and position your patio cover/roof to take full advantage of light and breezes. This will enable you to enjoy your deck area all-year-round to entertain guests or simply relax.

Brick houses with patio covers

Deck and Patio Cover Designs, Brisbane, Australia - Patio Roofs

If you have an older style brick house, Stratco roofing products have a great colour and style range to help your patio cover blend in. For example, the straight lines of the Stratco Outback range work well with well with brick homes.

Timber houses with patio covers

deck 5 2

If you have a timber house, you may want to consider Colorbond roofing. You can achieve a simple but effective design with a corrugated roof that will add texture and character to your house. This is usually finished with a matching balustrade or handrail on your deck to provide your outdoor entertaining area with a touch of class.

Functionality of your Patio Cover

A patio cover should also function properly. That means having adequate guttering to allow proper drainage and prevent leaks. The last thing you want is water in your roof cavity, and subsequent rot and damage, caused by a poor patio roof design.

Deck and Patio Cover Design Ideas

We have some great pictures on our website showing various deck and patio cover designs. Visit our Decking Gallery page and click on some of the image sets to see projects we’ve completed under the following categories:

  • High-set decks with roofs
  • Patios – pergolas
  • Pool houses – gazebos
  • Extensions and additions

Remember, the best deck and patio cover design is the one that’s ideal for you.

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