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Patio Builders & Patio Roofing

Patios allow you to enjoy outdoor activities while being sheltered from the harsh sun and driving rain. Yoga, table tennis, pool table, treadmill training, watching the footy, or bird-watching are all great activities that you can do from a patio. Along with entertaining your family and friends.

DeKing are Patio Builders & Patio Roofing Specialists

Decks and patios can be the perfect way to expand the living area of your home. DeKing Decks can build the patio of your dreams and create a relaxing outdoor escape for your entire family. We specialise in building custom decks and patios that flow with the inside spaces of your property and strive to increase the value of your home.

Visit our patio roofing calculator and or timber deck patio estimator to find out the approx cost of building a new patio and or roof.

Patios Brisbane, Patio Builder Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

DeKing Decks has years of patio construction experience

We ensure that every project matches our clients’ specific needs in an aesthetically pleasing way. From pool decks, pergolas and verandas to elaborate custom patios, Brisbane residents rely on DeKing Decks.

Timber patio

A timber patio is the perfect compliment to any Queensland house. With our endless sunny days and warm weather, a timber patio allows you to take full advantage of your outdoor space and increase your entertaining options.

At DeKing Decks, we specialise in timber patios, with a range of designs and styles to choose from. We’ve been building stunning patios in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast for the past 13 years.

DeKing Decks – the trusted timber patio business

After working for years in the housing sector, David decided to start his own business that specialised in timber patios for Brisbane, Gold Coast and South East Queensland.

DeKing Decks has grown into a trusted and respected local business with a knack for customer satisfaction.

How much does a timber patio cost?

You can build a beautiful timber patio for your house at a very reasonable price. The exact cost of a timber patio will vary depending on your needs and specifications. You can use the DeKing Decks decking calculator to get a quote for your timber patio. Or contact us if you’d like to talk to someone about your options.

Decking Material

While the type of decking material depends on the specific patio design, our most popular options are Merbau and Kwila. For those looking to save money, treated pine or cypress pine can create beautiful patios as well. Other materials can also be used to create the foundation of your patio design, and our selection of patio roofing materials will ensure a smooth and comfortable transition from your current home to the patio.

timber patio builders brisbane

Timber Size

After selecting the main construction materials, our customers enjoy an array of size options. From 90mm wide boards to extra-wide 140mm decking, we offer the perfect product to meet your needs. All of our decking options are low maintenance and built to last for many years.

Whether you need a deck or patio to be built over an existing structure or want to add a patio as new construction, DeKing Decks is the best choice. Our professional staff ensure an excellent experience and works to expedite the construction and design process.

Give us a call or email and enjoy the great outdoors.

Decking Quote Calculator

DeKing allows potential customers  to see if they can make their dreams come true with their decking calculator. The program provides an accurate idea of how much a customer’s dream deck will cost in a matter of seconds. The calculator is very easy to use and fun for the user. This service serves as an estimate only as variations in material, shape and site location can all have an impact on the final cost.

10 Step Process

DeKing helps customers achieve the perfect patio through a simple 10 step process. The first step involves making contact and getting a no obligation price quotation from the staff at DeKing. After that, you can communicate with a professional about your needs and ideas. Before approval, they discuss your material options with you to make sure that you get the best value possible.

While preparing to build your patio or deck, DeKing handles all of the architectural plans, insurances, licenses and municipal approvals. They guarantee that they will leave you with a safe patio and a clean property. They also provides regular updates concerning the progress of your patio throughout the construction process. After the deck is completed, you will be able to perform a final inspection with one of DeKing’s professionals to make sure everything was done properly. You will also get a written inspection report twelve months after the completion of construction. Any concerns will be addressed at no charge.

Patio Roofs

Some patios come with patio roofing insulation which provides warmth during cold seasons and blocks heat during summer times. Timber posts and beams are also available to improve the patio’s overall aesthetic appeal and to blend in with your timber deck. Get your patio roof estimate here.

Patio Roofing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

Patios Brisbane, Patio Builder Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast


Pool Patios and Decks


As the premier patio builder in Brisbane, DeKing helps customers build new decks, replace old decks and design complete patios. Pool decks and patios in Brisbane are some of the most common projects for the professionals at DeKing. With the unrelenting summer sun and constant abuse around the pool, many pool decks and patios will wear out quickly. They work to build a pool patio that will last for many years. Whether you need a deck around your above ground pool or a beautiful patio around your new in-ground pool, DeKing is waiting to meet your needs.

As Brisbane patio builders we specialise in outdoor decks, pool decks, patios and pergolas. DeKing provides a wide array of materials and customisable options so that you can be proud of your new timber patio.

Contact Us today to discuss your new patio or visit our patio roofing calculator and or timber deck patio estimator.