Deck and Patio Roofing


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Deck and Patio Roofing

At DeKing we really enjoy building customised Deck and Patio Roofing for our clients.

At DeKing we really enjoy building customised deck and patio roofing solutions for our clients. DeKing prides itself on being one of the top builders of outdoor decking in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and everywhere inbetween. We offer excellent service and top-of-the-line quality.  We offer a wide array of materials and options to fit the unique lifestyle of each and every client.

decks and patio roofing brisbane Logan ipswich sunshine coast gold coast-patio-roofing

Building Your Dream Outdoor Deck and Patio

At DeKing, we understand that your outdoor deck and patio adds so much more to your property than simply extra space. Whether you plan on playing games, entertaining, dining or just relaxing on your new deck, we strive to create an amazingly beautiful area that meets your specific needs. Our outdoor decking solutions extend the interior of your home to the exterior in a way that compliments your property.

When it comes to the design and installation of outdoor decking, DeKing is the king. Before starting construction on your outdoor deck and patio roofing, our experienced designers will work with you to devise an effective space plan so that you can have all the furniture, appliances and other features that you desire. We can add special touches such as built-in planters and custom seating to enhance the design of the deck. Custom railings are another great option for improving the flow between your house and the outdoors while providing extra safety if needed.

To get an idea of the costs involved please use our price guide and  deck and patio calculator 

Decking Materials

DeKing offers the expertise and equipment for building all types of outdoor decking. Each material performs well in different situations so our experts will help you make the best decision based on your tastes and property. Merbau and Kwila are our most popular timber decking options.

As an imported hardwood from Indonesia, Merbau presents a reeded top surface and strong density rating of 850. It handles multiple applications due to its above average density, toughness and durability. Our  decking customers enjoy the deep reddish-brown colour of Merbau.

Kwila is a great alternative to standard pine for outdoor decking. DeKing relies on its stability and durability for many outdoor decking applications. Kwila originates in Papua New Guinea and comes in a variety of colours from tan to dark cherry-brown.

Some of our other popular choices for decking material include treated cypress, treated pine and standard pine. These materials offer good value for our customers on a budget, but have some disadvantages. For example, the chemicals in treated products can sometimes leak into the surrounding area.

Deck Maintenance

DeKing builds the highest quality outdoor decking, but even the best decks need some maintenance. We provide an array of cleaners, sealers, treatments and finishes to help you maintain your outdoor deck. All of our maintenance products come from the most-trusted brands in the industry. If maintaining your deck on your own is not for you, DeKing can recommend a good service company in your area to meet your needs.

At DeKing Decking, we strive for more than simple satisfaction from our customers. We strive for customer excitement! Come meet our staff and check out our decking gallery to get started on your outdoor decking project today!

Patio Roofing Materials

At Deking we provide Stratco Outback patio roofing. This is a world-class range that offers designs and styles that are able to be customised so they work with your house.

Stratco has now introduced it’s insulted Cooldek roofing range that is ideal for the Queensland climate.

Deck and Patio Design Options

There are so many different deck and patio design options available and we at Deking Decks will be able to advise you on which design is most suited to your home.

Examples of Decks and Patios

In choosing deck designs we always focus on the following:

The deck design needs to reflect and enhance your lifestyle.

The design must complement your home and provide balance with your garden.

The resale value that the deck will provide to your home – the importance of providing a natural flow from your home, to the deck and to your garden and/or pool.

The durability and functionality as well as the ‘wow’ factor that you might want from your new deck.

Australian standards and regulations to ensure the safety of your deck for you and your family.

When looking at deck designs, the points below need to be considered:

Roofing your deck is always a good choice if it is within your budget as it not only provides shade during our hot summers but also protects the furniture on the deck and the deck itself. Plus, a roof can also provide you with a usable living area even in wet and rainy conditions.

Can the deck design assist in capturing views that you may have – or not currently have but could have with the correct deck design…?

A good deck design will also include the planning and location of lighting of your deck including the actual deck itself as well as the deck stairs.

The location and type of stairs are an important consideration and need to be placed and designed for optimal functional use as well as being an attractive feature of your deck.

The type of handrails and balustrades that you prefer and that would complement the current design and features of your home and/or pool.

The size of your deck, whilst most often, the bigger is considered the better and it is true that the larger the deck you have the greater extension of living space that you will have, the deck design also needs to be in keeping with the size of your home and garden – in some instances a better deck design can allow for a larger deck whilst still maintaining proportions of your home.

A superior deck design will incorporate such features such as built-in seating, curves, bbq facilities, a bird feeding tray and storage facilities.

Have a look at our deck gallery and you will see that our deck designs are well thought out, planned and executed – and even if we say so ourselves, sometimes just outstanding!

At Deking we never underestimate the importance of a superior deck design. We keep up-to-date on current trends – so we can also provide you with new, fresh ideas, ensuring that you deck design reflects your lifestyle and increases the value of your home.

Deking Decks service Brisbane, Redlands, Bayside, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Scenic Rim, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

See our average cost to build a deck with or without a patio. Or use our Decking Calculator, Patio Roofing Calculator or Deck and Patio Roofing Calculator to get a more accurate estimate.