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Deck and Patio Cover Designs: This is What To Consider Before You Build

Getting the design right for a deck and patio cover can be the difference between a stunning addition to your home and an out-of-place novelty. In terms of functionality, it can also mean the difference between a space that you love to be in and one that you avoid. Deking ...read more »

In-ground Pool Decking Options

At DeKing Decks, we offer a range of in-ground pool decking options to meet your needs. By choosing the right kind of pool decking, you’ll have a durable and long-lasting deck—and that means value for money. So if you’re weighing up your options for in-ground pool de...read more »

Thinking About Adding a Timber Patio? Here Are Some Design Ideas to Revolutionise Your Current Living Space

  Timber patios are a way of life in Queensland. You may remember the famous GANGgajang song, Sounds Of Then, that captured the essence of life on a patio so perfectly. As the song goes, ‘Out on the patio we sit / and the humidity we breathe / we’d watch the lig...read more »

How to build an outdoor entertaining area in Queensland

When you want a DIY outdoor entertaining area So you’ve decided you’d like to build an outdoor entertaining area? And perhaps you’re thinking of a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach? For basic outdoor entertaining areas, DIY can be a cheap and effective way of creating a bit ...read more »

Why every summer party needs a patio

Backyard summer parties are iconic in Queensland. Whether it’s a pool party, cocktail party, or something more laid-back, like a dinner party, every summer party needs a patio. When the sun goes down and the heat dips with it, it’s party time in the sunshine state. So ...read more »

How to celebrate Christmas in Australia with a brand new deck

Is there any better way to celebrate Christmas in Australia than with a brand new deck? Especially in South East Queensland where summer temperatures and humidity can soar—sending family and friends outside in search of a cool breeze or a pool to dip their feet in. If yo...read more »

Can I build a deck over concrete patio, pool or septic tank?

So you want to build a deck over the top of something else—like a concrete patio, pool or septic tank—and you’re not sure if you’re allowed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone—you’d be surprised how many people have similar requests. The most common things peopl...read more »

How to get a building permit for a deck in Queensland?

Getting a building permit for a deck in Queensland isn’t usually difficult. But it does require some careful planning and a course of action. Unless you are a designer and a draftsperson, we recommend you work with professionals at every stage of the process. This will give ...read more »

Need outdoor kitchen ideas?

DeKing Decks aren’t just timber deck and patio specialists—we can also build you a stunning outdoor kitchen. Below are some outdoor kitchen ideas and inspiration. Why build an outdoor kitchen? Most people want to build a deck to entertain guests, get the family together...read more »

Patio Roofing Options: How to Choose the Right Patio Roof, and Why They’re Always a Good Option

Are you thinking of adding a patio roof to your house, but aren’t sure what kind you’d like or what is possible? No problem. We are experts at building patio roofs to suit your needs. You can customise your roof in a variety of ways with our range of patio roofing options. ...read more »

Insulated Patio Roofing: Benefits, Types and Materials

An insulated patio roof will transform your patio from something great to something really special. It becomes a comfortable space for entertaining or relaxing, all year round. Skilled and experienced patio builders from Deking Decks will work with you to build the perfect in...read more »

Patio Installation Cost: Timber Patio and Roofing

A brand new timber patio and patio roof can transform your house, making it feel more open, inviting, relaxing and luxurious all at the same time. A timber patio also increases your living space and provides the perfect opportunity to entertain guests, eat family dinners outside ...read more »

What’s the Cost of a Patio Construction?

It’s the dream of pretty much every Queenslander: to build a patio extension on their house so they can entertain family and friends, or simply to set up a deck chair, lay back, and sip a cool drink or read a good book. As well as the practical benefits, a new deck can give you...read more »

Do You Need a Permit to Build a Deck?

Yes indeed, you need a permit to build a deck — certainly in Australia, anyway. As David from DeKing Decks has discovered, some Aussies would probably prefer to be able to build a deck or a patio extension on their house without needing permission. Some would even like to build...read more »

10 Things People Don’t Know About Building A Deck

DeKing Decks started out in 2003 as a 1800 number—don’t worry, not that kind of 1800 number—and has now grown into a world-class decking business servicing all of South East Queensland, including the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. But as David Rider explains, there’s still qui...read more »

Lifestyle Patios Brisbane Living at its Best

When we talk about lifestyle patios Brisbane is an ideal city for building, especially when compared to other areas of Australia. This is because this sunny and warm state of ours is ideal for entertaining outdoors. A patio adds an extra living space to the home, allows for enter...read more »

Deck Building Process

DeKing strives to ensure our clients are happy with both the deck building process and the final deck product, by following a dedicated 10 step process designed to put your mind at ease while delivering a seamless build. The end result is a smooth build and a beautiful outdoor...read more »

Deck Insulation for Deck Roofing

Have you ever walked onto a deck in Summer time, to enjoy the summer breeze and shade, only to find the deck is hotter than any other place in the house? This deck does not have deck insulation. Just like you insulate the inside of your home, to keep you cool in summer and war...read more »

Deck Patio Combination Ideas

When a customer is looking to add a really interesting feature to their home there are a number of deck patio combination ideas that are practical, as well as interesting, options to add additional living space to the property. Deck Patio Combination Ideas - Stacked or Flowing ...read more »

The Best Outdoor Heater for Decks and Patios

  If you're looking for the best outdoor heater for decks and patios, your search is complete.  At Deking we install what we consider to be the best outdoor heaters available on the market. In choosing the right outdoor heater for you there are a number of factors, as...read more »

Small Deck Ideas for Outdoor Living

  Small outdoor decking areas can be a challenge and over the years we have faced this challenge many times.  We would like to share with you five small deck ideas we have obtained in making the most of small outdoor decking areas.   Visually Larger Small Deck Ideas Pe...read more »

Decking Mistakes to Avoid

A well designed and built timber deck can be a wonderful addition to your home in terms of beauty, functionality and monetary value to your property. There are however some common timber decking mistakes to avoid. We at Deking would like to share these with you, to ensure th...read more »

Pros and Cons of Eco Friendly Decking

Eco decking is becoming increasing popular.  There are many reasons for this – the pros and cons of an eco deck are listed below. Pros of an Eco Deck   Environmentally Friendly The main advantage of an eco deck is that it is made from recycled materials such as ...read more »

Outdoor Ceiling Fans
Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Once considered a luxury outdoor ceiling fans on a deck are now recognised as a necessary and valuable addition to any outdoor living area. Advantages of Outdoor Ceiling Fans   Air Circulation An outdoor entertainment area becomes a cooler more comfortable place to dine or...read more »

How Does a Patio Cover Add Value to a Home?

There are so many ways that a patio cover can add value to a home, listed below are some of the most important ones. Resale value When it comes time to sell your home, it is highly likely that your real estate agent is going to place a large focus of your advertising on your co...read more »

Pool Decking Options, Advantages and Tips

Pool decking if done right can substantially increase the aesthetic look of your pool increasing your enjoyment of sunny days spent around the pool. It is more cost effective and practical to have your pool and or pool and spa built first before your pool deck is constructed. ...read more »

How do Pergolas Provide Shade

Timber Pergolas provide partial shade and add a lot of style to your backyard. A well designed Timber Pergola can also be ideally located to provide shade over an outdoor kitchen or to define the space for an outdoor family room.   Other popular locations for Pergolas are over ...read more »

How to Build a Patio

Queensland offers beautiful landscapes and spaces for entertaining and relaxing in the great outdoors. Patios in Brisbane provide the perfect place for enjoying the outdoors without leaving the comforts of your own home. Every year, thousands of property owners in the area work w...read more »

How to Landscape Around a Patio

When it comes to landscaping around your patio, your own ideas and creativity will determine the majority of the job. Good landscaping can make your patio feel like a natural environment for outdoor relaxation. Poorly designed landscaping can compromise the size of your space, ma...read more »

How to Build a Deck

Building your own deck can be a challenging and stressful process, but if done the right way, it can be a great space for your family to enjoy for many years. Well-built decks can also add value to your property. DIY Decking Kits from DeKing can give you a great start towards com...read more »

Building a Deck in Brisbane – Top 7 things

So you live in Brisbane and you want to build a deck? Welcome to the club. There isn’t an official club, per se, but considering how much we love decks in Brisbane, maybe you should start one? In all seriousness, though, building a deck might sound like a lot of fun—and ...read more »

Going Green With Recycled Timber Decking

DeKing decking takes pride in serving the Brisbane community with high quality timber decking services. To help you lessen your impact on the environment, DeKing now provides recycled timber decking options. EKODEKING, a division of DeKing, offers high-quality environmentally fri...read more »

Low Voltage Deck Lights – Create Ambiance and Style
Low Voltage Deck Lights – Create Ambiance and Style

There are so many great reasons why you should install Low Voltage Deck lights to your new or existing deck or patio. Deck Lights can add a sense of design and interest to the overall space. Where should I position the lights ? Stairs and Steps Low Voltage Deck Lights installe...read more »

Get Creative with your Deck Stairs
Get Creative with your Deck Stairs

When it comes to designing your dream deck you must consider what style or size you would like your steps to be. Steps can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your deck and the overall appeal of the area. Four Deck Stair Ideas   1. Make your stairs multi-purpos...read more »

Balustrades and Handrails for Decking
Balustrades and Handrails for Decking

Timber decks won’t be complete without handrails and balustrades. These barriers assure that your family and guests are protected from accidental falls and slips. Setting them up in your decks or home interior will greatly reduce the chances for injuries to occur. Handrails ...read more »

What is the Best Wood Deck Treatment in Queensland?
What is the Best Wood Deck Treatment in Queensland?

I’ve just had a brand new deck built, now what? Wait…. 6-8 weeks of weathering is required before you can successfully apply a decking treatment, this is to allow the natural tannins to leach out of the timber so the treatment can adhere properly, if you don’t expect bla...read more »

Why Seal a Wood Deck?
Why Seal a Wood Deck?

Many people ask why seal a wood deck. Or why do I need to seal a wood deck. The advantages of coating your new wood deck are two fold, especially living in South East Queensland 1) Longevity, by sealing your new hardwood decking boards will create a barrier to the elements incl...read more »

Why choose a timber deck?
Why choose a timber deck?

There’s plenty of reasons why Queenslanders choose timber decking above all others. Climate is one thing; they want a space that can withstand direct sunlight and the winter cold. They also want a structure that can resist the threats of termites, fungal decay, and corrosion...read more »

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